Hay & Silage


At Mitchell Bros Rural, we make hay while the sun shines! We specialise in all types of fodder collection, from the small square bales of hay through to round bales of hay or silage. The small squares are particularly beneficial for hobby farms. They are small enough to be handled without a tractor, and they stack easily and compactly. The round bales are excellent when feeding larger numbers of animals.

We have chosen specific machinery, and we keep it well maintained to ensure maximum efficiency during the hay season. Cleanliness is essential to making good quality silage, and our mower and rake cut and handle the grass gently – always keeping dirt to a minimum. Our McHale baler wrapper rolls and immediately wraps each bale, keeping oxygen penetration to a minimum. We only use the best quality net and 5 layer wrap technology. It all adds up to a far superior end product!

Making nutritious hay and silage takes planning, so talk to us about any questions you have.

We also have a wide variety of hay and silage for sale.

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